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Attendance Information

In addition to Mercer Island School District Board Policy 3122 A, it is the position of the Islander Middle School community that it is expected that students will attend school regularly and be on time to every class. Research is clear that consistent attendance affects what students learn in class and impacts their overall success in school. Excessive absences are a concern for student learning and will receive prompt communication from the school to the family. 

We understand that absences are sometimes necessary, therefore it is important for students and parents to clearly understand the procedures to follow when a student is absent from Islander Middle School. Teachers take attendance every period using the Skyward Information System. If a student is marked absent from a class, an email and phone call will be generated alerting families to the absence. With the cooperation of parents scheduling family vacations around the school year calendar, students are able to avoid non-attendance on regularly scheduled school days. If you know that your child will miss school for any reason, please notify the school office as soon as possible. After an unplanned absence, it is important for your student to bring a written and signed excuse to school.

Mercer Island School District believes that healthy students engage and learn better in school. In an effort to promote wellness our When To Stay Home page has information on when students, staff and visitors should stay home if they are experiencing symptoms of a diagnosed or undiagnosed illness.

IMS Attendance Procedures



Attendance Secretary

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