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IMS Dungeons and Dragons Club One of 28 Clubs At School

IMS Dungeons and Dragons Club One of 28 Clubs At School
MISD Communications

Mercer Island, WA, November 3, 2023 – Islander Middle School has 28 combined lunch clubs, after school clubs, competing clubs, and athletic teams giving students numerous opportunities to connect and feel belonging.

Three students playing Dungeons and Dragons

A club that is gaining in popularity is the Dungeons and Dragons Club, which is directed by Mr. Skurski and Mr. Higgins, and meets every Thursday after school.

The MISD Communications department recently visited the Dungeons and Dragons Club and created this video of the over 30 students on the day of filming taking part in the club. The students were having a really good time and fully engaged in Dungeons and Dragons.

The students were spread out over three rooms at the middle school. 

Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role playing game where players create a character to play as an adventure made up by the Dungeon master. Students in the IMS Dungeons and Dragons club use table top figurines and their iPads to play the game. 

All of the school’s clubs are operated on a drop in basis and after school bus transportation home is available for students. Check out our club info page for all the pertinent information on our school's clubs. 

For more information on our athletic teams visit our Athletics page

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